Travel to/in Afghanistan

Travel Warning- The United States Department of State warns U.S. citizens against travel to or in Afghanistan due to the security threat that exists because of the hostile nature of the country now. No part of Afghanistan is considered immune from attack and Kabul is still at a high risk for militant attacks with over 100 reported attacks in the past year and 4400 attacks nationwide. The Kabul-Jalalabad road, which is highly restricted for embassy employees, sees incidents with some frequency.
looks like a camel. A way of travel in harsh parts of Afghanistan.

If you are planning to travel to afghanistan in the near future, you can do this by obtaining a visa in advance and booking a flight into Kabul. Getting a visa will take some time, but is easier than expected. You can also enter by car or bus, though the Khyber pass is off limits to anyone that is not Afghan or Pakistani. The Iranian border police are extremely thorough with their searches so you probably shouldn't try to sneak people or drugs in or out of the country.

Once you are able to gain entry to Afghanistan, there are some travel aencies that you can try to find that will give you some kind of Toyota. The main roads in and around the cities are paved, but once outside the cities the roads can be expected to be dirt or mud. It is advised to stay away from military convoys because if they feel that you are possibly a car bomber, they will open fire and mess you up. If we don't mess you up, then you can expect that to come from a mine, an anti-goverment group like the Taliban, or some other crazy taxi driver.

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