The Major Cities of Afghanistan

Kabul, is the largest city (with a population estimated at around 3 million) and the capital of Afghanistan. Herat, another large city with many historical places and buildings; although many of them have been destroyed. Kandahar, is a large city and is also one of the oldest known human settlements.

There are several majors cities in Afghanistan, each of them having some important role in the government. Kabul, for example, is an economical and cultural center in Afghanistan, containing people from various ethnicities. The city of Kandahar is a very large Pashtun province, and is mainly dominated by Pashtuns, and it's mainly spoken language is Pashtu. Kandahar is a main trading center for goods such as grains and fresh and dried fruits. Kandahar was a target for many empires because of it's stratigic location at the center of trade roads of Southern and Central Asia. The City of Mazar e Sharif is a major tourist attraction of Afghanistan. The city has many fabulous Muslim and Hellenistic archeological sites, and the main attraction is the large blue domed mosque which many believe to be the resting place of the cousin and son in law of the prophet Mohammad.

The City of Herat is an ancient city with many historical places and buildings . Sadly, many of them have been damaged in military conflicts during the last few years. The city's most prominent feature is a citadel left by Alexander the Great. During the middle ages Herat was one of the most important cities to the Khorasan and was known as the Pearl of Khorasan. Herat is currently part of Afghanistan's central government and is one of the largest provinces. The city of Kunduz is the most important part of the agriculture of Afghanistan because of it's production of wheat, rice, millet as well as other products that and has earned it the nickname the "Hive of the Country".