Men bowing and praying to Allah
Men bowing and praying to Allah

What is the Islamic Movement?
The Islamic Movement in Afghanistan was started during the 1940's and 50's in Muslim colleges to train Afghan scholars. The work of those who follow the Islamic Movement is performed out of faith and for nothing more than the sake of Allah, in hopes of being rewarded by Him, not by other people. The main goal of the Islamic Movement is to revive Islam. Islam is "the monotheistic religious system of Muslims founded in Arabia in the 7th century and based on the teachings of Muhammad as laid down in the Koran." There are six fundamental goals of those who follow the Islamic religion: preservation of the religion of Islam, preservation of life, preservation of wealth, preservation of mind, preservation of the lineage, and preservation of honor. (JD)

When practicing Islam you have to have a good relationship with everyone close to you. Some rituals are doing work honestly,respecting elders and being nice to the young, helping everyone who needs help, being honest, no gambling, no drinking alcohol, performing sex outside of marriage, and respect with all cultures. They pray five times a day, which is dawn, midday, afternoon, sunset, and evening. They always pray in the direction of the shrine in Mecca. After praying they wash their face, hands and feet. They can use sand to clean themselves if there is no water available. They are aligned in parallel rows while praying. They start off in the standing position and move to different postures to where they are kneeling. In every position they do, they recite something. They pray fot the glorification of god, and blessing of the prophet. When holidays occur they pray more than the average 5 times a day. (MH)

Origins of the Taliban
The Taliban started during the Afghanistan civil war. When the Soviet troops pulled out, they left the country in pure disaster. There was an estimated 1.5 million dead and many orphans, like Sohrab. Children didn't have a choice. They went to school in madrassas, and Pakistan used madrassas to attempt to get control of Afghanistan. Children grew up into the Taliban, because all they knew is that their country is slowly being destroyed.

The Taliban
Members of the Taliban were originally religious students who developed a highly conservative interpretation of Islam and Islamic law. The word taliban comes from the Arabic word talib, which means student. The Taliban also severely restricts the rights of women. Restrictions stretch from what they wear and do to what they study as well. Men are expected to grow long traditional beards. Under Taliban rule, Afghans are not allowed to play music, fly kites, or clap at sporting events. The Taliban has also been associated with terrorism through training camps or through financial assistance. They also helped expand the opium market in Afghanistan; exporting by the ton about 75 percent of the world supply. (JD)