Ahmad Shah Massoud
"Lion of Panjshir"

Portraits and drawings of Ahmed Shah Massoud, like this one in a Kabul stadium, are everywhere in Kabul and along the road leading to the Panjshir Valley, his birthplace.

Bio: Born September 2, 1953, a Sunni in Kabul. He graduated for Kabul University with an Engineering degree. He became a military leader during the Soviets occupation in Afghanistan. After his help of forcing the Soviets out he was given the name of "Lion of Panjshir" and "Āmir Sāhib-e Shahīd" (Our Martyred Commander). His most famous battles in the mountains of Afghanistan were essential in the victory of afghanistan over the soviets.

Ahmed in the mountains just days before his death.

He became the defense minister in 1992, before the rise of the taliban in 1996. following the collapse of the goverment and rise of the tliban he returned and again became the leader of the United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan (aka Northern Alliance). On September 9, 2001 he was assassinated in the afghanistan province of takhar by al-qaeda agents. September 9, on every year is now celebrated as "Massoud Day".

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