The Importance of Food Culture In Afghanistan
Naan. a common meal or snack in afhanistan often cooked with oils and spices in a wood stove. it was often eaten in Kite Runner by Amir, Baba, Hassan, and Ali.

In Afghanistan food plays a major part in their everyday lives because it is part of their culture. The food they eat must be prepared under Islamic law; it is a certain way the meat must be slaughtered. Meat it mostly eaten on special occasions, but some of the more wealthy families eat it as common meal. The most common meats for them to eat are mutton, which is a type of lamb, or chicken beef and camel. While eating during special occasions the men and women eat is separate rooms off a rug located on the floor. Eating abundantly demonstrates ones enjoyment. Fresh fruit is usually served for dessert after dinner is concluded.

The most common everyday food in most areas is naan, it’s eaten as a snack and as a meal, the more poor areas eat rice. Scrambled eggs served with tomatoes are eaten daily along with the Important elements to the diet according to the Islamic law include dairy products, fruits, peas, onions, beans, and nuts. Those who follow the Islamic food law close don’t consume alcohol, but most do drink seldom on occasion, mostly the men. The most common beverage is tea with only the first glass containing sugar. water and butter milk is also drank.

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