-Clothing Of Afghanistan-

Traditional Afghan clothing for girls. Notice the bright colors and how covering the outfit is.

Traditional Afghan clothing combines several colors often representing the color of the flag. Clothing for men includes a hat called a pakol, a turban called a lungee, and a coat called a chapan, these coats are built to last for a very long time. The pants worn by Afghans are loose, but at the end, they are clasped close to the ankles.This tradtional outfit can always vary though depending on location and ethnicities. Under the taliban wearing jeans or western style pants were totally forbidden for men and women, if any one was seen in pants they were thrown in jail with punishments.

Typical women in Afghanistan wear burqas or burkas as we would spell it. The length in the front of the burqa is to the knee while the back is to the ankle. Under the taliban women were only allowed to wear black shoes, but never white. Wearing white shoes was forbidden because the Taliban flag was white so they said that by wearing white shoes, they step on the flag. In certain portions of the Qur’an, Allah’s words as stated by Muhammad are that women should cover their "beauties": their chests, hair, legs, and arms. These should only be viewed by husbands and family. That is why a lot of women choose to wear the burka although they were forced to wear it under taliban rule.